Food is the most intimate part of our lives. It connects us with our spirits, bodies, communities and our ecology.

From a very young age, I was fascinated by the way we produce and prepare our food.  How we grow, harvest, cook and share.  And of course, how it makes us feel.  Over the years, my curiosity led me to study photography, nutrition, public health, herbalism and reiki – developing a holistic approach to my practice.  I enjoy being a polymath, and mainly practice as a nutritionist, reiki practitioner and artist.

In 2017, I launched my organic herbal tea business Beit e’Shai (House of Tea in Arabic, pronounced bayt eh shy).  All teas and tisanes are handmade using 100% natural blends from certified organic ingredients and blends are informed by traditional Arabic medicine and Palestinian herbalism.

Inspired by organic wholefoods and local food systems, I have also worked on various art projects, community food projects and sustainability initiatives – and in academia.

My art practice is research-based and crosses various mediums, I am interested in the space where art and health intersect, exploring the history, sociology and anthropology of food.  My work usually takes a documentarian approach combining photography, film, sound and installation practices. I draw on themes around phenomenology, health, culture, identity, feminist issues, spirituality and humans’ place in society and their natural environment.

My work has been exhibited at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Melbourne), National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), International Arts & Health Conference at the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), Alderman Gallery (Melbourne), Sustainable Living Festival (Melbourne), Transitions Film Festival (Melbourne & Adelaide), Environmental Film Festival (Melbourne), Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (Milan), Hidden Features Cinema (Edinburgh), Life Sciences Film Festival (Prague), Palestine Museum of Natural History (Bethlehem), Little Woods Gallery (Melbourne) and Footscray Community Arts Centre (Melbourne).